Patchwork serprog: add proper serprog_map

Submitter Urja Rannikko
Date 2011-11-18 16:36:59
Message ID <>
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Urja Rannikko - 2011-11-18 16:36:59
Add serprog_map so that chips are addressed properly.
I did this for adding LPC support to my ATmega644 programmer.

Signed-off-by: Urja Rannikko <>

Sorry if I interrupted you all out of nowhere :P, I was porting LPC
code somebody (Mike Stirling, had to look that up) did for the AVR
to my ATmega644 (FTDI-USB) programmer, and noticed that it forced a
base address of 0xFFF80000 that is right only for 512K chips.
I modified the code to only add the highest 8 bits that are not
addressable in serprog protocol, and added this map function to have
address stuff properly. This shouldnt affect non-serprog code at all,
and it shouldnt matter to parallel, nor it would affect the lpc addr
or 0xFFF80000-implementation, also my SPI W25Q80 doesnt mind being
addressed in this way at all (detect and read tested). Further testing
is recommended.

Also sidenote: it might be useful to add an optional
write_jedec_1-implementation into serprog. This thing is taking
forever to write LPC. (LPC with a 12Mhz AVR isnt that fast anyways,
but with USB ping-pong on every byte written...)


Index: flashrom.c
--- flashrom.c	(revision 1468)
+++ flashrom.c	(working copy)
@@ -168,7 +168,7 @@ 
 		.name			= "serprog",
 		.init			= serprog_init,
-		.map_flash_region	= fallback_map,
+		.map_flash_region	= serprog_map,
 		.unmap_flash_region	= fallback_unmap,
 		.delay			= serprog_delay,
Index: programmer.h
--- programmer.h	(revision 1468)
+++ programmer.h	(working copy)
@@ -635,6 +635,7 @@ 
 /* serprog.c */
 int serprog_init(void);
+void *serprog_map(const char *descr, unsigned long phys_addr, size_t len);
 void serprog_chip_writeb(uint8_t val, chipaddr addr);
 uint8_t serprog_chip_readb(const chipaddr addr);
 void serprog_chip_readn(uint8_t *buf, const chipaddr addr, size_t len);
Index: serprog.c
--- serprog.c	(revision 1468)
+++ serprog.c	(working copy)
@@ -601,6 +601,18 @@ 
 	return 0;
+void *serprog_map(const char *descr, unsigned long phys_addr, size_t len)
+	if ((phys_addr & 0xFF000000) == 0xFF000000) {
+		msg_pdbg("Serprog map '%s' giving low 24 bits of phys_addr (0x%06X)\n",descr,phys_addr & 0xFFFFFF);
+		return (void*)(phys_addr & 0xFFFFFF);
+	} else {
+		msg_pinfo("Serprog-incompatible mapping '%s' phys_addr 0x%08X len %d, returning NULL\n",descr,phys_addr,len);
+		return NULL;
+	}
 /* Move an in flashrom buffer existing write-n operation to	*
  * the on-device operation buffer.				*/
 static void sp_pass_writen(void)