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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
Hide crt0s from user 2010-02-25 Patrick Georgi Accepted
Hide ldscripts, too 2010-02-25 Patrick Georgi Accepted
unify mainboard makefiles 2010-02-26 Patrick Georgi Accepted
more mainboard makefile removal 2010-02-27 Patrick Georgi Accepted
cbfs, smaller api, more types 2010-02-28 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
add attribute((noreturn)) to romcc 2010-02-28 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
Support for Intel Modular BIOS Interface support on i830 2010-02-28 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
Avoid northbridge/southbridge specific rules in generic i386 code 2010-02-28 Patrick Georgi Accepted
generic ssdt rules 2010-02-28 Patrick Georgi Accepted
[RFC+PATCH] mark deprecated kconfig options 2010-02-28 Patrick Georgi Accepted
RE: Fam10 breakage 2010-03-01 Patrick Georgi Accepted
ASUS P2B-LS support, RAM detection for 440BX, add Slot 1 CPU, Microcode for Intel Tualatin CPUs 2010-03-04 Joseph Smith Accepted
Istanbul support 2010-03-05 Arne Georg Gleditsch Accepted
YABEL compilation warnings 2010-03-05 Myles Watson Accepted
Tyan S2912 Fam10 2010-03-05 Arne Georg Gleditsch Accepted
Tyan S2912 Fam10 2010-03-05 Arne Georg Gleditsch Accepted
Make macros in Makefile more readable 2010-03-06 Patrick Georgi Accepted
consolidate K8M890 VGA code - take2 2010-03-06 Rudolf Marek Accepted
revive llshell 2010-03-07 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
romcc segfaults; serious help needed 2010-03-11 Patrick Georgi Accepted
use memset 2010-03-11 Myles Watson Accepted
spd_rom FIX H8QME-2+ 2010-03-12 Knut Kujat Accepted
Add scan-build support to coreboot-v4 2010-03-14 Patrick Georgi Accepted
build.h generation 2010-03-14 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
(no subject) 2010-03-15 Bao, Zheng Accepted
: add an entry for AM2R2 in src/arc/i386/ 2010-03-15 Bao, Zheng Accepted
coreboot and LLVM 2010-03-15 Patrick Georgi Accepted
Ouch: romcc "x[0] |= something" patch causes another crash 2010-03-15 Patrick Georgi Accepted
Ouch: romcc "x[0] |= something" patch causes another crash 2010-03-15 Eric W. Biederman Accepted
v2 gfxuma memory support for I82830 2010-03-16 Joseph Smith Accepted
i82801_lpc.c fixups 2010-03-16 Joseph Smith Accepted
more buildsystem refactoring 2010-03-16 Patrick Georgi Accepted
better testing for dependencies of coreboot.rom 2010-03-16 Patrick Georgi Accepted
Quick and dirty Asrock 939A785GMH support 2010-03-16 Rudolf Marek Accepted
: Disable boot timer in SB600 2010-03-17 Bao, Zheng Accepted
More i82801dx_lpc fixups 2010-03-17 Joseph Smith Accepted
Remove failover/fallback/normal decision from mainboards' romstage.c 2010-03-17 Patrick Georgi Accepted
More i82801dx_lpc fixups again 2010-03-18 Joseph Smith Accepted
Remove fallback/normal decision from mainboards' romstage.c 2010-03-18 Patrick Georgi Accepted
Remove fallback/normal decision from mainboards'romstage.c 2010-03-18 Patrick Georgi Accepted
remove some warnings 2010-03-18 Myles Watson Accepted
Remove {HAVE, USE}_{FALLBACK, FAILOVER}_* and its uses 2010-03-18 Patrick Georgi Accepted
: Fix memset calling error 2010-03-19 Bao, Zheng Accepted
Fix compile errors in rs780/fam10 2010-03-19 Ed Swierk Accepted
more warnings 2010-03-20 Myles Watson Accepted
superiotool Makefile patch 2010-03-21 Christian Ruppert Accepted
util/vgabios without own copy of x86emu 2010-03-21 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
util/vgabios without own copy of x86emu 2010-03-21 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
printk cleanups 2010-03-21 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
Remove warnings of RS780 2010-03-22 Bao, Zheng Accepted
Remove warnings of SB700 2010-03-22 Bao, Zheng Accepted
remove some warning of sb600 2010-03-22 Jason Wang Accepted
fam10 patch (offset calculation) 2010-03-23 Maximilian Thuermer Accepted
coreboot dependency tracking 2010-03-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
cleanup build_opt_tbl 2010-03-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
small keyboard.c fix 2010-03-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
remove some warnings 2010-03-24 Myles Watson Accepted
libpayload hid layer 2010-03-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
libpayload timer overflow 2010-03-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
libpayload out of tree build 2010-03-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
libpayload lpgcc arch fix 2010-03-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
libpayload coreboot framebuffer 2010-03-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
updated: remove warnings in mahogany(_fam10) 2010-03-25 Bao, Zheng Accepted
abuild -v should actually be verbose 2010-03-25 Patrick Georgi Accepted
ccache aware romcc 2010-03-25 Patrick Georgi Accepted
libpayload updates, memory, string handling 2010-03-25 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
libpayload update: usb 2010-03-25 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
make sconfig less alarmist 2010-03-26 Patrick Georgi Accepted
various build system improvements 2010-03-27 Patrick Georgi Accepted
build.h handling, take 2 2010-03-28 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
drop cmos checksum range from Kconfig 2010-03-29 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
unify arch/i386/lib/console.c and console/console.c 2010-03-30 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
patch for avoding amd64 compiling error 2010-03-31 Jason Wang Accepted
remove annoying noisy message 2010-04-02 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
CAR on Intel P6 Series - Support for model_6bx 2010-04-08 Joseph Smith Accepted
[commit] r5286 - ... 2010-04-08 Myles Watson Accepted
refactor 2010-04-08 Patrick Georgi Accepted
memset called to somewhere high on the stack (uncached) 2010-04-09 Myles Watson Accepted
VIA C7 CAR fixes / cleanup 2010-04-09 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
clean up AMD Geode LX CAR code 2010-04-09 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
CAR and Tiny bootblock for via/vt8454c (and fixes that help other via c7 based systems) 2010-04-09 Patrick Georgi Accepted
filo-squash build patch 2010-04-10 baiyin cai Accepted
superiotool support FDC37C932 for Nokia IP330 2010-04-11 marc bertens Accepted
Move cpu includes to cpus 2010-04-12 Patrick Georgi Accepted
stack location 2010-04-12 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
clean up some ld files. 2010-04-12 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
cleanup model 6ex CAR 2010-04-12 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
Clean up executable locations and allow out-of-build-tree utils 2010-04-16 Patrick Georgi Accepted
Fix abuild -sb 2010-04-19 Patrick Georgi Accepted
vsa through Kconfig 2010-04-20 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
Speed up makefile processing a bit 2010-04-20 Patrick Georgi Accepted
inteltool - add ich6, 82915, and p4 6xx 2010-04-21 Pat Erley Accepted
geode lx revamp 2010-04-21 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
i82801gx_sata AHCI fix 2010-04-22 Bernhard M. Wiedemann Accepted
Enable maximum decoded range for VT8237* 2010-04-22 Rudolf Marek Accepted
amdk8_util documentation (and one fix) 2010-04-28 Myles Watson Accepted
Warnings 2010-04-30 Myles Watson Accepted
GX2 problems 2010-04-30 Nils Accepted
Fix coreboot qemu RAM size detection 2010-05-02 Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko Accepted
Selfboot error checking fix 2010-05-04 Myles Watson Accepted
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