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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
include workaround for AMD erratum 414 2010-08-19 xdrudis Accepted
include workaround for AMD erratum 372 2010-08-19 xdrudis Accepted
Complete AMD erratum 343 workaround 2010-08-19 xdrudis Accepted
include RB_C3 in erratum 346 2010-08-19 xdrudis Accepted
ht init and some errata for AMD fam 10 RB_C3 2010-08-19 xdrudis Accepted
ht init and some errata for AMD fam 10 RB_C3 2010-08-19 xdrudis Accepted
[libpayload] fix garbage on screen with Geode-LX VGA 2010-08-17 Jens Rottmann Accepted
sizeof doesn't always return long, it seems 2010-08-17 Jens Rottmann Accepted
[filo,trivial] 'make distclean' forgot to rm .xcompile 2010-08-17 Jens Rottmann Accepted
Eliminate some warnings treated as errors 2010-08-16 xdrudis Accepted
tidy up Asrock 939A785GMH 2010-08-16 Rudolf Marek Accepted
Fix UMA memory range in RS780/RS785G 2010-08-16 Rudolf Marek Accepted
sconfig parser bug fixes 2010-08-16 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
mainboard.c: init() still being called? 2010-08-16 Myles Watson Accepted
USB Host Controller Drivers for libpayload 2010-08-12 Patrick Georgi Accepted
[superiotool] Quit probe_idregs_* early if chip_found is set 2010-08-09 David Hendricks Accepted
Coreinfo build patch 2010-08-04 Myles Watson Accepted
Enable USB Debug Device! 2010-08-04 Myles Watson Accepted
[superiotool] Add support for Nuvoton NCT5571D 2010-08-04 Corey Osgood Accepted
linker problem after menuconfig 2010-08-02 Myles Watson Accepted
The correct way to calculate the cores in AMD fam10 2010-08-02 Bao, Zheng Accepted
drop CONFIG_USE_PRINTK_IN_CAR and CONFIG_USE_INIT 2010-08-01 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
coreboot halts at "doing early_mtrr" 2010-08-01 Corey Osgood Accepted
add i945GSE to inteltool 2010-08-01 Björn Busse Accepted
fix potential smm security hole 2010-07-29 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
[inteltool] Support for Atom D/N series and Q963/965 2010-07-29 Corey Osgood Accepted
Geode GX2 post code patch 2010-07-27 Nils Accepted
xcompile patch for libpayload 2010-07-26 baiyin cai Accepted
Broken include paths 2010-07-26 Myles Watson Accepted
Add id for ITE IT8707F 2010-07-24 Mattias Mattsson Accepted
support for nuvoton WPCE775x/NPCE781x devices (update copyright) 2010-07-22 David Hendricks Accepted
Convert Geode GX2 boards to CAR 2010-07-21 Nils Accepted
Jetway PA78VM5 2010-07-20 Jason Wang Accepted
filo xcompile patch 2010-07-16 baiyin cai Accepted
filo kconfig patch of libpayload 2010-07-13 baiyin cai Accepted
trivial -Werror compilation fix for Asus M2V-MX-SE 2010-07-09 Cristi Magherusan Accepted
libpayload standard headers 2010-07-09 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
warnings -> errors 2010-07-07 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
warnings 2010-07-07 Myles Watson Accepted
Convert Geode GX2 boards to CAR 2010-06-27 Nils Accepted
PATCH: Fix CMOS Tables support for all boards. 2010-06-25 Myles Watson Accepted
Build mptable bus entries from device tree 2010-06-25 Patrick Georgi Accepted
[RFC] Network console for coreboot 2010-06-23 Rudolf Marek Accepted
libpayload: more libc support 2010-06-22 Patrick Georgi Accepted
libpayload: implement libpci interface 2010-06-22 Patrick Georgi Accepted
libpayload: add defines to lpgcc 2010-06-22 Patrick Georgi Accepted
two pathes about libpayload 2010-06-22 baiyin cai Accepted
i810 GFXUMA and Northbridge fixes 2010-06-20 Joseph Smith Accepted
i810E and ICH2 inteltool support 2010-06-16 Joseph Smith Accepted
lists of links 2010-06-09 Myles Watson Accepted
avoid IO resource conflicts 2010-06-09 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
PATCH: ECS P6IWP-Fe 2010-06-08 Anders Jenbo Accepted
[commit] r5609 - in trunk/src: drivers drivers/dec drivers/dec/21143 drivers/ti drivers/ti/pcmcia-cardbus include/device mainboard/nokia/ip530 2010-06-07 Myles Watson Accepted
: vga bios was added into image by cbfstool, not by "cat" any more. 2009-10-16 Bao, Zheng Accepted
build vs. $(obj) in Makefiles (was Re: [v2] r4875 ...) 2009-10-28 Myles Watson Accepted
Improve coreboot build output and eliminate some warnings 2009-10-27 Uwe Hermann Accepted
smm files in top directory 2009-10-27 Myles Watson Accepted
small patch for prototypes and unused variables 2009-10-27 Myles Watson Accepted
Various x86emu fixes 2009-10-27 Mark Marshall Accepted
Add kconfig menus for most chipset VIDEO_MB values 2009-10-26 Uwe Hermann Accepted
D945GCLF 2009-10-26 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
ACPI updates + S3 Resume without hole at 31MB 2009-10-26 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
SMM included twice 2009-10-26 Myles Watson Accepted
kconfig: Allow per-board VGA BIOS file name and PCI ID defaults 2009-10-26 Uwe Hermann Accepted
use intel core instead of core 2 on eagleheights 2009-10-25 Uwe Hermann Accepted
resource allocator hole handling (simple and old) 2009-10-25 Myles Watson Accepted
i945 + ich7 + kontron 986lcd-m update 2009-10-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
add proper "memory management" for high table area (aka CBMEM) 2009-10-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
reduce default verbosity of resource allocator 2009-10-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
simplify keyboard "API" 2009-10-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
usbdebug fixes for core / core 2 2009-10-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
x86.c and x86emu/YABEL updates 2009-10-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
use intel core instead of core 2 on eagleheights 2009-10-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
refactor SMI handler 2009-10-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
Fix USB EHCI Debug Device for Intel ICH 2009-10-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
rework keyboard driver 2009-10-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
k8 uma and high tables 2009-10-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
console code cleanup 2009-10-24 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
Major cleanups of hard_reset() related code/config, try 2 2009-10-23 Uwe Hermann Accepted
More Kconfig changes 2009-10-23 Myles Watson Accepted
PRINTK_IN_CAR 2009-10-23 Myles Watson Accepted
Technexion TIM-5690 2009-10-21 Libra Li Accepted
more Kconfig selects 2009-10-20 Myles Watson Accepted
HP e-Vectra P2706T support 2009-10-19 Uwe Hermann Accepted
kconfig: Add EXPERT option 2009-10-18 Uwe Hermann Accepted
Drop duplicate failover.c implementation 2009-10-18 Uwe Hermann Accepted
ifdef & config problems 2009-10-17 Myles Watson Accepted
Move files from src/cpu/x86/{fpu, mmx, sse}/ to x86/ 2009-10-17 Peter Stuge Accepted
Drop cpu/x86/fpu/{,} 2009-10-16 Peter Stuge Accepted
Make COM port selection and BAUD rate a "choice" 2009-10-16 Uwe Hermann Accepted
arima hdama problem 2009-10-16 Myles Watson Accepted
Set default ROM sizes per-board 2009-10-16 Uwe Hermann Accepted
CONFIG_LB_MEM_TOPK -> CONFIG_RAMTOP 2009-10-16 Myles Watson Accepted
Drop MAX_PCI_BUSES 2009-10-16 Peter Stuge Accepted
Fix kconfig setup for the VIA pc2500e 2009-10-16 Uwe Hermann Accepted
: vga bios was added into image by cbfstool, not by "cat" any more. 2009-10-16 Bao, Zheng Accepted
patch: enable spd for dram on s1850 2009-10-09 ron minnich Accepted
more Kconfig default fixes 2009-10-09 Myles Watson Accepted
more warnings 2009-10-09 Myles Watson Accepted
Maximum/default console log level for kconfig 2009-10-10 Uwe Hermann Accepted