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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
ICH7: Fix register naming error 2011-03-31 Sven Schnelle Accepted
[1/2] Add GPIO definitions to PC87392 superio 2011-03-31 Sven Schnelle Accepted
[2/2] X60: add dock code 2011-03-31 Sven Schnelle Accepted
fix compilation of all i82371eb boards when ACPI tables aren't generated 2011-04-01 Idwer Vollering Accepted
rs780 4GB memory issues 2011-04-01 Marc Jones Accepted
better chipset reporting on i945 2011-04-01 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
FILO: Utility for generating an Artecboot image 2011-04-04 Nathan Williams Accepted
#176: inteltool: added PCI_DEVICE_ID_INTEL_X44 0x29F0 2011-04-04 Ruud Schramp (DT) Accepted
drop ASSEMBLY define 2011-04-08 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
i945: improve get_top_of_ram() 2011-04-09 Sven Schnelle Accepted
PATCH: superiotool probe for ServerEngines chip 2011-04-11 Ruud Schramp (DT) Accepted
[2/2] PMH7: Add chip config 2011-04-11 Sven Schnelle Accepted
[1/2] EC: Add Lenovo H8 2011-04-11 Sven Schnelle Accepted
libpayload OXPCIe 952 support 2011-04-14 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
drop init_uart8250() calls from superio drivers 2011-04-14 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
improve bootblock handling 2011-04-15 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
allow new amd agesa code to skip check for globals in romstage 2011-04-17 Scott Accepted
number of core of AMD fam10 2011-04-18 Bao, Zheng Accepted
drop some per-board cruft 2011-04-18 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
[4/4] pci1x2x: use cardbus_read_resources()/cardbus_enable_resources() 2011-04-19 Sven Schnelle Accepted
[1/4] pci1x2x: use devicetree register configuration 2011-04-19 Sven Schnelle Accepted
[2/4] pci1x2x: add PCI1510 device IDs 2011-04-19 Sven Schnelle Accepted
[3/4] pci1x2x: use pci_ops set_subsystem instead of custom code 2011-04-19 Sven Schnelle Accepted
simplify coreboot console.h 2011-04-20 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
coreboot support for memory mapped UARTs 2011-04-20 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
[no subject] 2011-04-21 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
[1/4] ADVANSUS a785e-i Mainboard support 2011-04-22 She, Kerry Accepted
coreboot support for memory mapped UARTs (v2) 2011-04-22 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
Add subsystem callbacks for VIA 2011-04-22 Rudolf Marek Accepted
superiotool support for nuvoton nct6776f 2011-04-22 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
[3/4] RS780 DDI Lanes configure support 2011-04-25 She, Kerry Accepted
update ddr3 max frequency 2011-04-26 Marc Jones Accepted
[2/4] Lenovo PMH7: add pmh7_ultrabay_power_enable() 2011-04-27 Sven Schnelle Accepted
[3/4] T60: enable Ultrabay if device is plugged in 2011-04-27 Sven Schnelle Accepted
[4/4] X60: enable Ultrabay if device is plugged in 2011-04-27 Sven Schnelle Accepted
[1/4] Lenovo H8: add h8_ultrabay_device_present() 2011-04-27 Sven Schnelle Accepted
AMD Persimmon update 2011-04-30 Scott Accepted
replace while with do; while to avoid repetition 2011-05-05 NoƩ Rubinstein Accepted
[2/4] compile sb800 code without agesav5 2011-05-06 She, Kerry Accepted
Replace the values of APIC timer init with macros 2011-05-07 Vikram Narayanan Accepted
Fixes the build error while generating option_table.h 2011-05-09 Vikram Narayanan Accepted
PATCH RS740 PCI Ids (Was Re: [PATCH] RS690 code booting RS740 with ECS A740GM-M) 2011-05-09 Ivaylo Valkov Accepted
read_option() in sitemp_g1p1/romstage.c 2011-05-12 Josef Kellermann Accepted
crossgcc make target 2011-05-16 Cristi Magherusan Accepted
ASRock E350M1 update 2011-05-20 Scott Accepted
[1/3] Fix ccache behaviour if more than one ccache in PATH 2011-05-20 Patrick Georgi Accepted
[3/3] Fix building into relative paths 2011-05-20 Patrick Georgi Accepted
[2/3] Fix iasl with "." in paths 2011-05-20 Patrick Georgi Accepted
[01/16] Port persimmon r6572 to e350m1: I/O APIC ID 2011-06-04 Accepted
[05/16] Port persimmon r6582 to e350m1: 33 MHz SPI read early 2011-06-04 Accepted
[06/16] Port persimmon r6583 to e350m1: pstate 0 early 2011-06-04 Accepted
[03/16] Port persimmon r6574 to e350m1: MMCONF size 2011-06-04 Accepted
[04/16] Port persimmon r6578 and r6596 to e350m1: MMCONF base 2011-06-04 Accepted
[09/16] Port persimmon r6587 to e350m1: RTC is not PIIX4 compatible 2011-06-04 Accepted
[07/16] Port persimmon r6584 and r6601 to e350m1: SPI prefetch early 2011-06-04 Accepted
[11/16] Port persimmon r6589 to e350m1: Strip down AGESA options 2011-06-04 Accepted
[12/16] Port persimmon r6590 to e350m1: Work around memory allocation problem 2011-06-04 Accepted
[10/16] Port persimmon r6588 to e350m1: Legacy video framebuffer 2011-06-04 Accepted
[02/16] Port persimmon r6573 to e350m1: VGA, PCI MMIO and SB800 legacy 2011-06-04 Accepted
[08/16] Port persimmon r6586 to e350m1: FADT revision 2011-06-04 Accepted
[13/16] Port persimmon r6591 to e350m1: ROM cache early 2011-06-04 Accepted
[16/16] Port persimmon r6594 to e350m1: Cosmetic cleanup 2011-06-04 Accepted
[15/16] Port persimmon r6593 to e350m1: Remove unused Kconfig options 2011-06-04 Accepted
[14/16] Port persimmon r6592 to e350m1: Update GPP port configuration 2011-06-04 Accepted
[2/2] X60: add support for handling EC events in SMM 2011-06-04 Sven Schnelle Accepted
Only UDMA/33 PATA on m57sli, UDMA/66 with factory BIOS 2009-07-13 Harald Gutmann Rejected
Disable failover in K8 based boards 2009-08-12 Patrick Georgi Rejected
K8 machine with (a lot of) ram from 2 vendors keeps resetting 2009-09-03 Ward Vandewege Rejected
device tree de-duplication 2009-10-06 Myles Watson Rejected
Major cleanups of hard_reset() related code/config 2009-10-20 Uwe Hermann Rejected
kconfig: Allow per-board VGA BIOS file name and PCI ID defaults 2009-10-25 Uwe Hermann Rejected
cross compiler 2009-10-26 Myles Watson Rejected
Add prototypes for wrapped libgcc calls 2009-10-28 Myles Watson Rejected
Start unifying ram_check() usage in coreboot 2009-10-30 Uwe Hermann Rejected
[Fwd:,Re:,[Fwd:,Re:,[Fwd:,Re:,arima,hdama,problem] ]] 2009-11-04 Hugh Greenberg Rejected and 4G files 2009-12-01 Maciej Pijanka Rejected
Biostar M6TLD 2009-12-03 Maciej Pijanka Rejected
Drop all hardcoded ram_check() calls for now 2010-01-28 Uwe Hermann Rejected
Math support for libpayload 2010-02-05 Sylvain Ageneau Rejected
tinyscheme as a coreboot payload 2010-02-06 Sylvain Ageneau Rejected
: memcpy/memset inline asm & config_compress disabled when needed 2010-02-22 Bao, Zheng Rejected
sb600: don't load verb for codec 2010-03-05 Bao, Zheng Rejected
ulzma delay 2010-03-05 Arne Georg Gleditsch Rejected
gfxuma memory support for I82830 2010-03-13 Joseph Smith Rejected
coreboot and LLVM 2010-03-15 Stefan Reinauer Rejected
workaround for mahogany_fam10. Not a signed-off-by 2010-03-15 Bao, Zheng Rejected
SSE & SSE2 2010-03-16 Myles Watson Rejected
[RFC] ACPI for ASUS P2B (Intel 440BX/82371EB) 2010-04-11 Idwer Vollering Rejected
clarify << and - 2010-04-14 Stefan Reinauer Rejected
EP80579 reference platform 2010-04-14 Dustin Harrison Rejected
Add AES to devicetree.cb for AMD LX boards 2010-05-04 Nathan Williams Rejected
it boots! [was: re: H8DME-2 woes, continued....] 2010-05-11 Joe Korty Rejected
Promote heap sizing to first-class Kconfig citizenship. 2010-05-14 Joe Korty Rejected
unavailable resources 2010-06-04 Stefan Reinauer Rejected
superiotool: libsuperiodetect 2010-06-30 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Rejected
mainboard.c: init() still being called? 2010-08-16 Stefan Reinauer Rejected
coreboot kconfig 2010-08-17 baiyin cai Rejected
Fix cbfstool linking on 64-bit 2010-08-23 Corey Osgood Rejected
Add support for Asus M4A785-M, with build instructions 2010-09-13 Myles Watson Rejected
Use __DATE__ and __TIME__ instead of date(1) 2010-09-24 Patrick Georgi Rejected