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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
Fix another SB600 SPI corner case 2009-08-10 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
Board enable request: Asus S96F/Z96F laptop 2010-01-22 Anders Juel Jensen New
SST 49LF0008A - Erase problem (and solution) 2010-03-29 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
Board enable (EC sleep) for Acer Ferrari 3400 2010-04-11 Michael Karcher New
DOS flashrom - partial success on Dell Optiplex 320 2010-04-24 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
External programmer update 2010-05-28 fritz New
new windows port 2010-06-04 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
new windows port 2010-06-04 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
Split AMD CS5536 chipset enable 2010-06-07 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
SPI flashing speedup 2010-06-16 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
Neuter probe for ITE SuperIO 2010-06-23 Ed Swierk New
superiotool: libsuperiodetect 2010-06-30 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
Simplify chunking logic 2010-07-11 Michael Karcher New
Allow bus override with forced read 2010-07-14 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
Fwd: Software info for Willem/EZOflash 2010-08-12 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
SB700 IMC arbitration 2010-08-18 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
Annotate evil twins 2010-09-04 David Borg New
Reduce usage of w836xx_memw 2010-09-13 David Borg New
AMD chip IDs fix-up 2010-09-19 Mattias Mattsson New
{PATCH] DirectHW: allow zero mapping 2010-09-27 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
Asus P3B-F support 2010-10-04 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
Add timeout check to SPI bitbang bus request 2010-10-05 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
cbtable mapping fix 2010-10-07 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
Paranoid chip test infrastructure, part 1 2010-10-15 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
HEAD (r1215) + patch 2148 run test with -p nic3com 2010-10-20 Maciej Pijanka New
build: detect availability of TYPE_x232H in libftdi 2010-11-15 Alex Badea New
Fix IDSEL handling in WPCE775X 2010-11-17 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
Radix for layout ranges 2010-11-22 David Hendricks New
[1/n] SPI FAST READ infrastructure 2010-12-31 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
Allow setting delay loop speed 2011-01-11 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
FAILED: ASUS P5P800 2011-01-14 Idwer Vollering New
[RFC,+] lock command for flashrom 2011-01-28 Mathias Krause New
Add coarse-grained IPC locking mechanism to Flashrom 2011-02-01 David Hendricks New
Add mediatek_pata programmer 2011-03-07 Michael Karcher New
improve termios settings on some OSes 2011-03-08 Jonathan A. Kollasch New
[3/8] generify spi_rdid to allow passing different opcodes. This is needed to add support for Atmel's AT25F series. 2011-03-15 Stefan Tauner New
use PCI_VENDOR_ID_* define in all driver .c files 2011-03-31 Idwer Vollering New
here's the now completely fixed patch. 2011-05-01 Brandon Dowdy New
Print FWH chip status only if something is wrong 2011-06-19 Michael Karcher New
Add support for unlock and write to Atmel AT26F040 2011-06-20 Tim Small New
don't print dmidecode shell error 2011-06-27 Stefan Tauner New
No luck with a Marvell 88SX7042 (Adaptec 1430SA) 2011-07-06 Tim Small New
Hack libpci not to exit(1) during init if PCI does not work 2011-07-06 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
NVIDIA Tegra2 SPI controller support 2011-07-07 David Hendricks New
warn the user if flashrom is x months old 2011-07-08 Stefan Tauner New
dummyflasher.c: add an "content" parameter to select initialization data 2011-07-21 Stefan Tauner New
Cleanup flashrom.c, move functions, part 1 2011-07-29 Uwe Hermann New
Make all programmer/CLI options case-insensitive 2011-07-29 Uwe Hermann New
adding support for 82545GM (et al). 2011-08-01 Stefan Tauner New
Add support for EN29LV800(A/B/C) (was: Confirm EN29LV800 bus, timing, and page size) 2011-08-02 Stefan Tauner New
Be optionally seriously pedantic 2011-08-09 Stefan Tauner New
[carFl,mem] Reduce memory buffers v2 2011-08-22 Tadas Slotkus New
Add support for the Macronix MX28F2000P chip (256KB parallel) 2011-09-11 Uwe Hermann New
OSX universal binaries 2011-09-29 Mark Pustjens New
Add timeout check to SPI bitbang bus request 2011-10-11 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
[4/5] ichspi: warn if regions defined by FREGs do not cover the whole flash space 2011-10-20 Stefan Tauner New
flashrom on PowerPC 2011-10-22 Stefan Tauner New
Clean up error code definitions 2011-11-14 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
Patches + RFC: Deal with locked ICH flash descriptor regions transparently 2011-12-03 David Hendricks New
Fix error messages regarding long options 2012-01-10 Stefan Tauner New
flashrom.c: Reorder list of options to test 2012-01-13 Idwer Vollering New
selfcheck script using dummy programmer 2012-02-13 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
Check class for nvidia southbridge 2012-03-13 Michael Karcher New
Add cli cmds to read/write raw status register values 2012-04-05 Niklas Söderlund New
SMSC SuperI/O detection 2012-05-07 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
Return code for spi_read_status_register 2012-06-03 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
IBM SurePOS 700 4800-783 support 2012-07-19 Stefan Tauner New
[3/3] Not for merge: make the dummy programmer FAIL 2012-07-23 Stefan Tauner New
Macronix MX25L6445E 2012-08-14 Stefan Tauner New
ASUS M2N-MX support 2012-08-15 Stefan Tauner New
Fintek SPI driver, based off it87spi 2012-08-17 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
fixup! Remove potential endless loops from satasii.c. 2012-08-25 Stefan Tauner New
Explicitly store max write size 2012-08-29 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
Add support for generic SPI RES matching. 2012-08-30 Stefan Tauner New
Add board enable for ASUS M3N78-EM. 2012-09-12 Stefan Tauner New
[5/5] Let the dummy programmer emulate SPI payload limitations. 2012-10-03 Stefan Tauner New
[2/5] Prepare wbsio_spi.c for check_trans(). 2012-10-03 Stefan Tauner New
[4/5] Generify probe_spi_rdid_generic() and add probe_spi_rdid_edi(). 2012-10-03 Stefan Tauner New
[1/5] Refactor ichspi and prepare it for check_trans(). 2012-10-03 Stefan Tauner New
[3/5] Introduce check_trans(). 2012-10-03 Stefan Tauner New
Cache SPI RDID response 2012-10-03 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
WRDI before RDID for AAI chips. 2012-10-04 Stefan Tauner New
[4/5] Generify probe_spi_rdid_generic() and add probe_spi_rdid_edi(). 2012-10-15 Antonio Ospite New
Rework extract_programmer_param to remove exit call 2012-10-19 Niklas New
autotest mode 2012-11-09 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
CONFIG_DEFAULT setting 2012-11-20 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
[4/6] Adapt CLI to use new libflashrom interface' print callback 2012-12-10 Nico Huber New
[2/6] Add a convenient libflashrom interface 2012-12-10 Nico Huber New
[6/6] Cleanup ichspi opcode settings on shutdown 2012-12-10 Nico Huber New
[3/6] Add Doxyfile for libflashrom documentation 2012-12-10 Nico Huber New
Bus Pirate SPI fine tuning. 2013-01-02 Brian Salcedo New
Automatic programmer driver writer 2013-01-03 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
Improving pcidev.c 2013-01-06 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
[RFC] Feature autodetection during compilation 2013-01-08 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
total Makefile rewrite 2013-02-13 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger New
[1/3] rayer_spi: add signal inversion support 2013-03-16 Ondrej Zary New
[2/3] rayer_spi: add control register support 2013-03-16 Ondrej Zary New
[3/3] rayer_spi: add pinout for Willem EPROM programmer SPI 2013-03-16 Ondrej Zary New
[RFC] Add support for Willem EPROM programmer 2013-03-20 Ondrej Zary New
solved similar-but-different chips 2013-03-27 Николай Николаев New
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