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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[RFC] Progress bar 2010-07-09 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger RFC
fixup! Remove potential endless loops from satasii.c. 2012-08-25 Stefan Tauner RFC
Makefile: Print data model of C types. 2013-07-20 Stefan Tauner RFC
Factor out lock functions (print, unlock, lock) 2009-11-23 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Bitrotted
Preliminary general superio support. 2010-01-20 Luc Verhaegen Bitrotted
Fix erase-blocks specification for the Atmel AT49F002(N)(T) 2010-01-23 Uwe Hermann Bitrotted
fix kontron 986lcd-m and winbond w39v080fa 2010-02-04 Stefan Reinauer Bitrotted
Locking infrastructure and locking for W39V080FA and PMC 49LF040 2010-02-04 Sean Nelson Bitrotted
ATI R7xx support stub 2010-03-04 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Bitrotted
DOS flashrom - partial success on Dell Optiplex 320 2010-04-24 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Bitrotted
Split AMD CS5536 chipset enable 2010-06-07 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Bitrotted
SPI flashing speedup 2010-06-16 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Bitrotted
Neuter probe for ITE SuperIO 2010-06-23 Ed Swierk Bitrotted
{PATCH] DirectHW: allow zero mapping 2010-09-27 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Bitrotted
Paranoid chip test infrastructure, part 1 2010-10-15 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Bitrotted
[1/n] SPI FAST READ infrastructure 2010-12-31 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Bitrotted
FAILED: ASUS P5P800 2011-01-14 Idwer Vollering Bitrotted
[RFC,+] lock command for flashrom 2011-01-28 Mathias Krause Bitrotted
[3/8] generify spi_rdid to allow passing different opcodes. This is needed to add support for Atmel's AT25F series. 2011-03-15 Stefan Tauner Bitrotted
use PCI_VENDOR_ID_* define in all driver .c files 2011-03-31 Idwer Vollering Bitrotted
here's the now completely fixed patch. 2011-05-01 Brandon Dowdy Bitrotted
Print FWH chip status only if something is wrong 2011-06-19 Michael Karcher Bitrotted
Hack libpci not to exit(1) during init if PCI does not work 2011-07-06 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Bitrotted
warn the user if flashrom is x months old 2011-07-08 Stefan Tauner Bitrotted
Make all programmer/CLI options case-insensitive 2011-07-29 Uwe Hermann Bitrotted
[carFl,mem] Reduce memory buffers v2 2011-08-22 Tadas Slotkus Bitrotted
OSX universal binaries 2011-09-29 Mark Pustjens Bitrotted
[4/5] ichspi: warn if regions defined by FREGs do not cover the whole flash space 2011-10-20 Stefan Tauner Bitrotted
Fix error messages regarding long options 2012-01-10 Stefan Tauner Bitrotted
Return code for spi_read_status_register 2012-06-03 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Bitrotted
autotest mode 2012-11-09 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Bitrotted
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