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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
Clean up doit() 2010-10-14 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Remove filename parameter from chip_safety_check() 2010-10-15 David Hendricks Accepted
Mark w25q80, w25q32, and w25q64 chips tested for write and erase 2010-10-15 David Hendricks Accepted
Always read chip before writing, avoid emergency messages 2010-10-15 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Add a board-enable for the MSI MS-6391 (845 Pro4) 2010-10-15 Uwe Hermann Accepted
[5/5] ft2232_spi: flag OpenMoko DebugBoard as tested 2010-10-16 Alex Badea Accepted
[3/5] ft2232_spi: allow CLOCK_X5 to be set at runtime 2010-10-16 Alex Badea Accepted
[2/5] ft2232_spi: add support for the OpenMoko DebugBoard V2+ 2010-10-16 Alex Badea Accepted
[4/5] ft2232_spi: retry short reads 2010-10-16 Alex Badea Accepted
[1/5] ft2232_spi: don't hardcode USB VID 2010-10-16 Alex Badea Accepted
Mark MX25L4005 tested for erase 2010-10-24 GatoLoko Accepted
ASUS OPLX-M results (no flash device found) 2010-10-25 Joshua Roys Accepted
[v2] DediProg: support for firmware version 5.1.5 2010-10-27 Mathias Krause Accepted
Fix offset calculation for partial SPI programming 2010-10-27 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Real partial writes 2010-10-28 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
partial write test script 2010-10-29 David Hendricks Accepted
Change image building in layout code 2010-10-29 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
partial write test script 2010-10-29 David Hendricks Accepted
Torture script fixes 2010-10-30 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
SPI flash chip emulator 2010-10-31 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
print test status in partial write test script 2010-11-02 David Hendricks Accepted
Partial write cleanups 2010-11-04 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Support setting Dediprog SF100 voltage 2010-11-09 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Support for a few Spansion SPI chips 2010-11-09 Segfault Accepted
Undo all PCI writes on shutdown 2010-11-10 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Support Dediprog SF100 bulk read 2010-11-16 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Use large reads for verify 2010-11-16 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Faster Dediprog writes 2010-11-22 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Full VIA SPI support 2010-11-24 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
ICH SPI paranoid error handling 2010-11-24 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Handle erase failure in partial write, clean up 2010-12-02 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Handle erase failure in partial write, clean up 2010-12-02 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Avoid buffer overflow for excessive layouts 2010-12-02 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Do not crash with forced chips 2010-12-02 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Add support for the Open Graphics Project card as a programmer 2010-12-03 Mark Marshall Accepted
Print lock status for Winbond W39* 2010-12-04 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Simplify get_next_write 2010-12-05 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Add support for "ST M25PX16" chip. 2010-12-09 Carl Worth Accepted
Mark MX25L3205 as tested for erase and write 2010-12-13 David Hendricks Accepted
Include "flash.h" and <inttypes.h> in chipdrivers.h 2010-12-15 David Hendricks Accepted
Add W39L040 2010-12-17 Michael Karcher Accepted
Fixed decoding of SB600 LPC ROM protection registers 2010-12-22 Mathias Krause Accepted
compilation fix for djgpp 2010-12-26 Idwer Vollering Accepted
enable unlocking (erasing/writing) W39V040FB chips 2010-12-26 Idwer Vollering Accepted
Fixed unlocking of AT26DF081A 2011-01-07 Mathias Krause Accepted
[v2] Add Asus P4P800-VM board to board_enable.c table. 2011-01-07 Diego Elio Pettenò Accepted
Minor Code cleanup resulting in a smaller binary 2011-01-10 Mathias Krause Accepted
remove umlauts from man page 2011-01-13 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
Don't show address for dediprog & Co 2011-01-17 Mathias Krause Accepted
Support for K7S41GX. 2011-01-17 Paweł Różański Accepted
Constify flashchips array 2011-01-18 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
flashrom: fix sparse warning: Using plain integer as NULL pointer 2011-01-22 Peter Hüwe Accepted
flashrom: fix sparse warning: Unknown escape % 2011-01-24 Peter Hüwe Accepted
do something useful with the dediprog LEDs 2011-01-27 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
Initial ITE IT8500 EC support (second try) 2011-01-31 David Hendricks Accepted
Support 64-bit MEM BARs 2011-02-02 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Support for Angelbird Wings PCIe SSD, Marvell 88SX7042 2011-02-04 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
[1/1] Board-enable for GA-K8N51GMF 2011-02-04 Michael Karcher Accepted
Add support for AMD Am29LV00* 2011-02-04 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
dummy programmer: blacklist SPI commands 2011-02-04 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
mark PMC Pm49FL004, SST SST49LF002, SST SST49LF004 and Winbond_W39V040FB as write tested 2011-02-20 Idwer Vollering Accepted
mark Erase/Write on MX25L1605 as tested 2011-02-23 Sven Schnelle Accepted
Improve libpayload support, provide libflashrom.a target 2011-02-25 Patrick Georgi Accepted
Add mainboards to print.c and mark writing as tested on Winbond W25x80 2011-02-28 Yul Rottmann Accepted
Initial ITE IT8500 EC support 2010-08-09 Accepted
Add NSC PC87364 support to superiotool 2011-03-02 Michael Karcher Accepted
[1/1] Add HP e-Vectra P2706T 2011-03-03 Michael Karcher Accepted
IT85* cleanups/fixes 2011-03-04 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Revamp board-specific quirk handling, laptop support 2011-03-04 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Support more than one EC/SuperIO at a time 2011-03-04 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
SST49LF080A fully tested and EVGA nForce 780i board supported 2011-03-06 Brandon Dowdy Accepted
Remove delays in JEDEC erase sequence 2011-03-06 Michael Karcher Accepted
Simplify pcidev_init 2011-03-07 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
SST39SF512 is tested 2011-03-07 Michael Karcher Accepted
Compile fixes 2011-03-07 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Fix compiling r1275 and higher 2011-03-07 Idwer Vollering Accepted
Remove erase_chip_stm50flw0x0x 2011-03-09 Michael Karcher Accepted
[6/8] use getpagesize() to determine physmap's length in nicintel_spi.c 2011-03-15 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[7/8] check if write enable is really set in nicintel_spi_init (and minor comment changes). 2011-03-15 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[8/8] Added (N) to the name of MX29F002B/T devices. 2011-03-15 Stefan Tauner Accepted
DirectIO is now called DirectHW 2011-03-17 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
add status of Thinkpad T410s and DG45ID to the wiki table 2011-03-17 Stefan Tauner Accepted
fix typo in chipset_enable.c 2011-03-29 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
add support for 8086:1076 (82541GI) to nicintel_spi.c 2011-03-31 Stefan Tauner Accepted
whitespace, documentation and other small stuff 2011-03-31 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[1/1] Board enable for Foxconn 6150K8MD-8EKRSH 2011-03-30 Michael Karcher Accepted
silence cb table parsing debug message 2011-04-01 Stefan Reinauer Accepted
[1/2] add "support" for SB850 (it has the same pci id as SB700 etc) 2011-04-01 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[2/2] add MS-7640 (890FXA-GD70) to the boards_known struct in print.c 2011-04-01 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Add Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P to mainboard support list. 2011-04-02 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Mark Macronix MX29F001T as fully tested 2011-04-08 Stefan Tauner Accepted
explain better what checks are disabled in case we detect a legacy BIOS 2011-04-12 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Added SST25LF080A Flash Chip 2011-04-12 Zeus Castro Accepted
fix typo "not not" in board_enable.c 2011-04-12 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[2/2] mark EVGA 270-WS-W555-A2 (Classified SR-2) as supported. 2011-04-16 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[1/2] mark SST25VF032B as write tested. 2011-04-16 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Flashing M/B Bios (Asus P5LD2-VM) goes wrong 2011-04-16 Idwer Vollering Accepted
Help: trouble when flashing rom 2011-04-20 Idwer Vollering Accepted
new bios to support 2011-04-20 Joshua Roys Accepted
Intel X58 Tylersburg Mainboard 2011-04-21 Shailendra Sodhi Accepted