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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
ichspi: Increase timeout to 60s for atomic operations 2011-04-29 Michael Karcher Accepted
improve output in case run_opcode fails 2011-04-29 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Revert MMIO space writes on shutdown as needed. 2011-05-02 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Enable VX855 chipset 2011-05-04 John Schmerge Accepted
[1/3] Factor out SPI write/read chunking wrappers. 2011-05-05 Michael Karcher Accepted
[3/3] kill central list of SPI programmers 2011-05-05 Michael Karcher Accepted
board enable for ASUS P4P800-X (with erasing/writing SST SST49LF003A/B) 2011-05-05 Idwer Vollering Accepted
add board enable for Asus A8AE-LE (HP OEM) (was: erase failed: ASUS A8AE-LE) 2011-05-05 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Lock printing for AMIC A25* and Atmel AT25* 2011-05-06 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Fix multiple detection of the same chip 2011-05-07 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Intel NIC with parallel flash 2011-05-08 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Add lock printing for AMD8111 chipset 2011-05-16 Joshua Roys Accepted
[1/5] whitespace fixes (space to tabs mostly) and (additional) comments 2011-05-17 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Enable Write for SST25VF080B 2011-05-18 John Schmerge Accepted
extract spi_prettyprint_status_register_amic_a25_srwd from spi_prettyprint_status_register_amic_a25l* functions 2011-05-19 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Winbond W25Q128 - in Intel ICH10 2011-05-21 Rheneus Accepted
board enable for DFI AD77 2011-05-22 Tadas Slotkus Accepted
eliminate magic numbers indicating maximum column sizes in print_supported_chipsets and print_supported_boards_helper 2011-05-25 Stefan Tauner Accepted
ichspi: fix unused FREG detection 2011-05-26 Joshua Roys Accepted
Voltage & form-factor spreadsheet 2011-06-02 Steven Zakulec Accepted
Board enable for MSI MS-6788-040 (848P Neo-V) 2011-06-05 Maciej Pijanka Accepted
[1/1] Mark another MS-7529 m/b (G31TM-P21) as supported 2011-06-06 Peter Lemenkov Accepted
Fix compilation for CONFIG_INTERNAL=no 2011-06-06 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
[01/12] improve macros for SSFS and SSFC bits 2011-06-08 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[06/12] add missing ICH9 register macros and use them to eliminate magic numbers 2011-06-08 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[04/12] use the max_data_read field of the new spi_programmer struct to simplify run_opcode. 2011-06-08 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[03/12] add macros and pretty printing for HSFS and HSFC 2011-06-08 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[05/12] warn if SMM BIOS Write Protection is detected in BIOS_CNTL 2011-06-08 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[02/12] add pretty printing functions for SSFS+SSFC and the OPCODE struct and use them 2011-06-08 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Rename CHIP_BUSTYPE_FOO to BUS_FOO 2011-06-09 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Add Olimex ARM-USB-TINY as an FT2232 SPI Programmer 2011-06-10 Pete Batard Accepted
[2/2] add board enable for GA-8IP775 2011-06-12 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[1/2] add (untested) board enable for GA-K8NS Pro-939 2011-06-12 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[2/3] fix and add a few chipset_enables entries 2011-06-13 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[3/3] add intel 6 series pci ids to chipset_enables 2011-06-13 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[1/3] resort chipset_enables array by pci ids 2011-06-13 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Update the flashrom udev rules file with new programmers 2011-06-13 Uwe Hermann Accepted
+ RFC: Use shutdown callback mechanism to shutdown programmers 2011-06-13 David Hendricks Accepted
Update the flashrom manpage 2011-06-14 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Shut up skipped probes 2011-06-15 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Mark the GIGABYTE GA-8I945GZME-RH / SST25LF040A.RES as supported 2011-06-16 Uwe Hermann Accepted
[1/4] change all occurrences of printf to msg_ginfo in print.c 2011-06-18 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[2/4] fix memleaks due to incorrect usage of flashbuses_to_text 2011-06-18 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Use strlen for const strings 2011-06-18 Uwe Hermann Accepted
successfully testing ST M25P128 2011-06-19 Cristian Magherusan-Stanciu Accepted
flashrom support for EP-9NPA7I 2011-06-19 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Remove sharplhf00l04.c 2011-06-19 Michael Karcher Accepted
revamp the warning of failing to set BIOS write enable in enable_flash_ich 2011-06-20 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Add support for EN25Q series SPI flash chips 2011-06-22 David Hendricks Accepted
[1/3] fix probe_flash to report new values set by probing functions 2011-06-24 Stefan Tauner Accepted
fix output for multiple found flash chips 2011-06-24 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[2/3] add a success indicator to the "Reading old flash chip contents..." message 2011-06-25 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[1/3] constify (a few) parameters in flashrom.c where possible 2011-06-25 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Move erase checks out of chip drivers 2011-06-26 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[1/2] reformat -L output and add printing of chip voltage ranges to print.c 2011-06-27 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[2/2] add printing of chip voltage ranges to print_wiki.c 2011-06-27 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[1/8] ichspi.c: make REGWRITE* macros safer 2011-06-28 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[2/8] ichspi.c: simplify ich_set_bbar 2011-06-28 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[3/8] ichspi.c: add FPB (Flash Partition Boundary) macros and init printing 2011-06-28 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[4/8] ichspi.c: preserve reserved bits in address registers 2011-06-28 Stefan Tauner Accepted
flashrom: fix typos in comments 2011-06-27 Peter Hüwe Accepted
satamv.c requires PCI port I/O 2011-06-28 Andrew Morgan Accepted
[2/3] add check_block_erasers which returns the number of well-defined erasers for a chip 2011-06-30 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[4/8] ichspi.c: preserve reserved bits in address registers 2011-07-01 Stefan Tauner Accepted
fix unchecked malloc calls 2011-07-01 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Fix and improve Windows/MinGW/MSYS build 2011-07-03 Uwe Hermann Accepted
Kill unused "log" argument of count_usable_erasers() 2011-07-03 Sylvain 'ythier' Hitier Accepted
Autodetect target processor architecture 2011-07-06 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
remove unneeded inclusions of chipdrivers.h 2011-07-10 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Fix and clean up cli_classic.c 2011-07-15 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Fix and clean up cli_classic.c 2011-07-18 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Additional voltages 2011-07-18 Steven Zakulec Accepted
fix the ASUS A8N-VM CSM board enable 2011-07-20 Stefan Tauner Accepted
[RFC] flashrom 0.9.4 plans (ck804 situation) 2011-07-20 Stefan Tauner Accepted
ft2232_spi: Improve error handling, remove exit() calls 2011-07-20 Uwe Hermann Accepted
[1/4] ichspi.c: refactor filling and reading the fdata/spid registers 2011-07-20 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Fix out-of-bounds access if all erase functions fail 2011-07-21 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
flashrom.8: explain read accesses as part of the write operation 2011-07-21 Stefan Tauner Accepted
chipset_enable.c: add a message in the case the chipset enable is untested 2011-07-21 Stefan Tauner Accepted
fix output of erase_and_write_flash and surroundings (was: Fix out-of-bounds access if all erase functions fail) 2011-07-21 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Atmel AT49LH002 support missing 2011-07-22 Mattias Mattsson Accepted
ichspi.c: do not print PBR[3] for ICH7 because it does not exist 2011-07-23 Stefan Tauner Accepted
flashrom.8: improve dummy programmer documentation 2011-07-23 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
Random manpage improvements and updates 2011-07-24 Uwe Hermann Accepted
Add support for the GIGABYTE GA-8SIMLH board. 2011-07-24 Michael Karcher Accepted
Fix ICH FWH IDSEL setting 2011-07-25 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
be more refined regarding DMI chassis types 2011-07-25 Stefan Tauner Accepted
updated motherboards URL in print.c 2011-07-25 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
fix counting of supported chips in the wiki output 2011-07-26 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Fix W29EE011 probing 2011-07-26 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
flashrom 0.9.4 release 2011-07-26 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger Accepted
flashrom on PowerPC 2011-07-27 Mattias Mattsson Accepted
Make flashrom build on PPC/PowerPC with just "make" 2011-07-28 Uwe Hermann Accepted
AAI on SST chips (was: Re: AAI on SST25VF016B) 2011-08-01 Noé Rubinstein Accepted
dbg2 and further plans 2011-08-01 Stefan Tauner Accepted
A8M2N-LA fail 2011-08-05 Stefan Tauner Accepted
typo 2011-08-06 Sylvain 'ythier' Hitier Accepted
[2/2] Nvidia chipset enables: refactor setting bit 0 in 0x6d 2011-08-07 Stefan Tauner Accepted
patch to add support for Xilinx parallel III/DLC5 programmer cable 2011-08-07 Stefan Tauner Accepted
Add support for AT49F040 2011-08-11 Stefan Tauner Accepted
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